Crustacea Whole Crabs

Our Whole Dressed Callinectes bellicousus Crabs come only from The Sea of Cortez on the West Coast of Mexico to give our customers The Purest form of Blue.

Callinectes bellicosus crabs are the largest species of blue crab in the Northern part of the West Coast of Mexico with males reaching full weights of over one pound. Characteristic of the species are the huge claws that differentiate these crabs from the rest.

Crustaceaâ„¢ goes through a very selective process to give our customers full male only crabs that meet our weight and size specifications. We receive only live crabs that are chill killed and processed within minutes of arrival to the plant to get you the freshest and fullest crabs on the market.

Soldier Pack: Our whole dressed crabs are packed one by one
and are placed carefully into the box in a soldier pack form to create a tighter pack that avoids heavy breakage.

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